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Today is

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Choreographer: Chris Jones (July 2013)
Description: 32-Count, 4-Wall, Level: Absolute Beginner
Music: Do You Want A Dance by Cliff Richard

Start dance on vocals

Toe strut, toe strut, kick step, toe strut, x2
1-2 Tap right toe forward drop right heel
3-4 Tap left toe forward drop left heel
5-6 Kick right foot, step forward on right,
7-8 Tap left toe forward drop left heel
9-16 Repeat steps 1 to 8

Rock forward turn ½ hold, run forward and kick,
17-20 Rock Right forward replace weight on left, turn ½ turn to right stepping right forward, hold,
21-24 Run forward left right left, kick right forward,

Run back sweep ¼ left, coaster step hold and clap.
25-28 Run back right left right, sweep left foot ¼ turn to left,
29-32 Step left back step right beside left, step left forward, hold & clap.


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