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If you rest you rust,
come dance with us 
You don't quit dancing because you grow old
you grow old because you quit dancing

Today is

THRIFT SHOP          Video     Print Step Sheet

Choreographed by Judy Cain
Suggested music Thrift Shop (clean version) by Macklemore
Description: 32 count – 4 wall line dance
1-2 Touch R step on right
3-4 Touch L step on left
5-8 Feet apart step back on R,L,R,L (for style lean upper body forward & get funky on your walks)
9-12 Right to R, left behind, right to R, tap L next to right (or turning vine)
13-16 Step left to L, right behind, left to left bump hips to left 2 times.
17-24 For style line your shoulder up with your forward toe movement.Moving forward touch R toe drop R heel, L toe forward drop L heel, R toe forward drop R heel, toe forward drop L heel (Ending at 3:00)

25-32 Shuffle backwards R L R L once again shoulder goes with the first step on your last shuffle you end facing ¼ left turn. (9:00)
TAG 16 counts – on your 8th wall do 1st 6 counts of dance then do the (BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL)
fan R toe to right and step left beside right with arms overhead clap hands on count 2 you have just made a ¼ right turn to face the back repeat this 2 count move 5 more times and this ends on 3:00 wall as you shake your booty for counts 13 & 14 & 15 & 16 & you will work yourself to 12:00   Start over from the beginning. 

Repeat – have fun & smile.

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