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Today is

STEALING THE BEST       Video     Print Step Sheet

Choreographer: Rosie Multari
Description: Count: 32 - Wall: 4 - Level: Beginner
Music: Dance Above The Rainbow by Ronan Hardiman
Counts Step Description

1-2 Stomp right, kick right
3&4 Triple step in place (right,left,right)
5-6 Stomp left, kick left
7&8 Triple step in place (left,right,left)

9-10 Step right to right side, cross left behind right
11&12 Triple right in place (right,left,right)
13-14 Step left, cross right behind left
15&16 Triple step left turning ¼ left

17-18  Walk forward right, left
19&20 Triple step forward right
21-22 Step forward left, pivot ½ turn right (transfer weight to right)
23&24 Triple forward left

25-26 Tap right toe forward, tap right toe side
27&28 Triple right in place
29-30 Tap left forward, tap left toe side
31&32 Triple left in place
If you use the suggested song, "Dance Above The Rainbow", the dance will end facing the back wall. To end on a dramatic note and for fun, on the last triple left, turn ½ left, then raise your left arm straight up, keeping your right arm OVER your waist as you stomp down left on count 32, while facing the front wall

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