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you grow old because you quit dancing

Today is

NO LLORES        Video 


Intermediate 4 wall line dance (32 counts)

Choreographer: Ria Vos

Music : “No Llores (Remix) Gloria Estefan ft. Pitbull

Intro:  32 counts, on vocals


Step Fwd, Mambo Step, Coaster ¼ Turn L, Step ½ Turn R, Shuffle ½ Turn R

1        Step Fwd on R

2&3   Rock Fwd on L, Recover on R, Step Back on L

4&5   Step Back on R, Step L Next to R with a Sharp ¼ Turn Left, Step Fwd on R (9:00)

6-7     Step Fwd on L, Pivot ½ Turn Right (3:00)

8&1   Shuffle ½ Turn Right Stepping L, R, L Sweeping R from Front to Back (9:00)


Behind-Side-Cross, Scissor Cross, ¼ L, ½ L, Step ¾ turn L, Point

2&3   Step R Behind L, Step L to Left Side, Cross R Over L

4&5   Step L to Left Side, Step R Next to L, Cross L Over R

6-7     ¼ Turn Left Step Back on R, ½ Turn Left Step Fwd on L (12:00)

8&1   Step Fwd on R, Pivot ¾ Turn Left, Point R to Right Side (3:00)


¼ R Step, ¼ R Point, ¼ L Step, Step Lock, Step, Step, Anchor Step

2-3     ¼ Turn Right Step Fwd on R, ¼ Turn Right Point L to Left Side (9:00)

4&5   ¼ Turn Left Step Fwd on L, Step Fwd on R, Lock L Behind R (bending knees) (6:00)

6-7     Step Fwd on R, Step Fwd on L

8&1   Step/Rock R Behind L Heel, Recover on L, Step Back on R (body angled R)


Back, Cross, Coaster Cross, Side Rock Sailor ¾ R

2-3     Step Back on L, Cross R Over L (body angled L)

4&5   Step Back on L, Step R Next to L, Cross L Over R (straighten body up to 6:00)

6-7     Rock R to Right Side, Recover on L

8&[1] Step R Behind L Turning ¾ Turn Right, Step L Next to R, ([1]-Step Fwd on R) (3:00)


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