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If you rest you rust,
come dance with us 
You don't quit dancing because you grow old
you grow old because you quit dancing

Today is

Long Way To Go                                Video


32 count, 2 wall Beginner Line Dance

Choreographed by Karen Zima   9/24/11

Music:  Long Way To Go by Alan Jackson              


Right Toe Heel, Shuffle in Place; Left Toe Heel, Shuffle in Place

1 -2     Touch R Toe next to Left, Touch R Heel next to Left

3 & 4   Right Shuffle in place, Right Left Right

5 – 6   Touch Left Toe next to Right, Touch Left Heel next to Right

7 & 8  Left Shuffle in place, Left Right Left


Walk Forward Right, Left, Right, Kick Left, Walk Back Left, Right, Left, & Cross(Weight on Left)

1-2-3-4    Walk Forward Right, Left, Right, Kick Left Forward (4)

5-6-7&8  Walk Back Left, Right, Left, Step back onto Right (&) Cross Left over Right (8)


Grapevine Right with Scuff, Grapevine Left with ¼ turn left and Scuff

1 – 2  Step Right to Right, Cross Left Behind Right

3 – 4  Step Right to Right, Scuff Left next to Right

5 -6   Step Left to Left, Cross Right Behind Left

7 – 8  ¼ Turn Left as step Forward on Left, Scuff Right Forward


Rocking Chair, ¼ turn pivot Left, Stomp Right, Stomp Left

1 -2  Rock Forward onto Right, Rock the Weight back onto Left

3 -4  Rock Back onto Right, Rock the Weight back forward onto left

5 -6  Step forward onto Right, ¼ turn pivot Left (weight on Left)

7 -8  Stomp Right in Place, Stomp Left next to Right        


Begin Again….Easy!!  Just enjoy the music and dance!!!



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