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I'm a Tornado        Video      Print Step Sheet

Choreographer: Tom Avinger (Sept 2012)
Description: Count: 32 - Wall: 4
Level: Beginner
Music: Tornado by Little Big Town

16 Count Intro
[01-08] Heel, Heel, Sailor Step; Heel, Heel, Sailor Step
 1-2 Tap R Heel To R (45 Degree Angle) 2x
 3&4 R Sailor Step
 5-6 Tap L Heel To L (45 Degree Angle) 2x
 7&8 L Sailor Step
[09-16] R Lock Shuffle, L Lock Shuffle, Jazz Box ¼ R
 1&2 R Lock Shuffle, (Slight Angle R)
 3&4 L Lock Shuffle, (Slight Angle L)
 5-8 Jazz Box With ¼ Turn R (Touch L)
[17-24] Toe, Heel, Stomp; Toe, Heel Stomp; Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
 1&2 L Toe, Heel, Stomp
 3&4 R Toe, Heel, Stomp
 5-6 Rock Forward L, Recover R
 7&8 L Coaster Step
[25-32] Shuffle, Shuffle, ¼ Pivot, ¼ Pivot
 1&2 Shuffle Forward R,L,R
 3&4 Shuffle Forward L,R,L
 5-6 Step Forward R, ¼ Pivot L
 7-8 Step Forward R, ¼ Pivot L
Tag: 4 Counts At End Of Wall 9

1 2 Cross R Foot Over L, Step Back On L Making 1/4 Turn R
3 4 Step R To Side, Step L Together

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