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Description:  32 Count 4 wall, Intermediate Level line dance
Choreographer: JP Potter, Derek Steele and Bracken Ellis Potter
Music:  Available by Flo Rida ft Akon  Alt. Music: Tonight, Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae (16 count Intro from start of heavy beat)
(32 count intro from start of heavy beat – Fade Out @ 3:20)
1/4 Bump & Drag; 1/4 Sailor Left; Pivot 1/2; 1/4 Side; Behind-Side-Cross
1&2  1/4 turn Left while lifting Right foot and bumping hip to right and up; & Bump hips to left (center); Bump hips right while taking large step Right and drag left toward right
3&4  Step Left Behind Right; & 1/4 turn Left stepping Right slightly Right; Step Left forward
5,6  1/2 Pivot Right (weight ending on Right); 1/4 Turn Right stepping Left to Left
7&8  Step Right behind Left; & Step Left to Left Side; Step Right Forward and slightly across
Forward Left, Right, 3/4 Turn Left, Step, Rock & Cross, Touch-HItch-Step
1-2  Step forward Left; Step forward Right
3-4  3/4 turn Left letting left foot hook in front of Right; Step Left forward to Left diagonal
5&6  Rock Right to Right side; & Replace weight to Left; Step Right Forward and slightly across
7&8  Touch Left to Left Side; & Make 1/4 Right and hitch Left up; Step Left Forward *
Diagonal Right, Touch, Side, Back Rock 1/4 , Step, 1/2 Pivot, Forward
1,2,3 Step Right to forward right diagonal; Touch Left next to right; Step Left to Left side
4&5   Rock Right behind Left; & Replace to Left; 1/4 turn Right stepping Right forward
6,7,8 Step Left Forward; 1/2 Pivot Right; Step Left Forward
Right Sailor; Behind-Side-Cross; Point-Turn-Point-Ball-Cross, Side
1&2     Step Right behind Left; & Step Left to Left side; Step Right to Right side
3&4     Step Left behind Right; & Step Right to Right side; Step Left across Right
5&6     Point Right to Right side; & 1/4 turn Right stepping Right next to Left; Point Left to Left side
&7,8(&) Step Left next to Right and slightly back; Cross Right over Left; Step Left to Left side**

Begin Again and Have Fun!!!
* Restart
 When using Available by Flo Rida ft Akon:
 During the 5th wall (Facing 9:00) and during the 10th wall (Facing 6:00), start the dance over after completing the first 16 counts.
When using Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae:
 During the 4th wall, Start the dance over after completing the first 16 counts.

** Note
 To make the transition from the end into the beginning a little easier, on count 8 step your left foot to the left side making an 1/8 turn to the left.

 JP Potter, California, USA, JP@ElegantSoundsDJ.com
 Derek Steele, Michigan, USA, DDSteele199@Comcast.net
 Bracken Ellis Potter, California, USA, Bracken@MoveInLine.com, www.MoveInLine.com
This step sheet may be freely copied intact; however, modifications to this step sheet may not be made without the permission of the choreographer.


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