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come dance with us 
You don't quit dancing because you grow old
you grow old because you quit dancing

Today is

God Blessed Texas   Video   Print Step Sheet

Choreographer: Shirley K. Batson
Description: Count: 32 - Wall: 2 - Level: Beginner
Music: God Blessed Texas by Little Texas  

The choreographer specifies that the introduction of the dance starts after you hear one phrase of The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You and then only after waiting another 16 counts. While waiting to start dancing the introduction, you need to ignore a few grace notes and only count the main beat. Regardless of the length of the various recorded introductions, the main dance must start with the vocals.

1-16 Hold
On each pair of counts (1-2, then 3-4, etc.), raise both heels off the floor, bending at the knees, and then return heels to the starting position

1-2 Step left diagonally forward, touch right together
3-4 Step right diagonally back, touch left together
5-6 Step left diagonally back, touch right together
7-8 Step right diagonally forward, touch left together
9-10 Stomp left to side, stomp right to side
11-12 Hold, hold
On count 11, left palm slaps left front thigh (leave hand there through count 16)
On count 12, right palm slaps right front thigh (leave hand there through count 16)
13-14 Hold, hold
On count 13, roll left knee in a circle to the left, lifting the left heel, ending by dropping the heel to the floor on count 14
15-16 Hold, hold
On count 15, roll right knee in a circle to the right, lifting the right heel, ending by dropping the heel to the floor on count 16

17-20 Step right to side, cross left behind right, step right to side, touch left together
21-24 Step left to side, cross right behind left, step left to side, touch right together
25-26 Step right forward, kick left forward
27-28 Turn ½ right (leaving left foot in the air where it is), step left forward
29-30 Hop left forward and hitch right knee, hop left forward and hitch right knee
31-32 Step right forward, hop right forward and hitch left knee


Add a clap to counts 2, 4, 6, and 8.


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