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Choreographer: Ria Vos (Feb 2013)
Description: Count: 32 - Wall: 4 - Level: Improver
Music: “Give It Up (Game Of Love) [Album Version]” - Andrew Spencer. Album: Give It Up (Game Of Love) [Remixes] (3:07)

Intro: 48 counts, on vocals (± 27 sec.)

Back Shuffle, Shuffle ½ Turn L, Pivot ½ Turn L, Kick Ball Step
1&2 Shuffle Backwards Stepping R, L, R
3&4 Shuffle ½ Turn Left Stepping L, R, L
5-6 Step Fwd on R, Pivot ½ Turn Left
7&8 Kick R Fwd, Step R Next to L, Step Fwd on L

& Touch & Bump, & Touch & Bump, Sync. Jazz Box ¼ Turn R, Point
&1 Small R Step Fwd to R Diagonal, Touch L Next to R
&2 Bump Up and to L Side and Recover
&3 Small L Step Fwd to L Diagonal, Touch R Next to L
&4 Bump Up and to R Side and Recover
5-6 Cross R Over L, ¼ Turn Right Step Back on L
&7-8 Step R to Right Side, Cross L Over R, Point R to Right Side ***Restart Point

Sailor Step, Sailor ¼ Turn L, Rock Fwd, Full Turn R
1&2 Step R Behind L, Step L to Left Side, Step R to Right Side
3&4 Step L Behind R, ¼ Turn Left Step R Next to L, Step Fwd on L
5-6 Rock Fwd on R, Recover on L
7-8 1/2 Turn Right Step Fwd on R, ½ Turn Right Step Back on L

Back, Point, Cross Samba, Cross Samba ¼ Turn R, Step Fwd, Touch
1-2 Step Back on R, Point L to Left Side
3&4 Cross L Over R, Rock R to Right Side, Recover on L
5&6 Cross R Over L, ¼ Turn Right Rock L to Left Side, Recover on R
7-8 Step Fwd on L, Touch R Behind L

Restart: After count 16 on wall 3 (9:00) and 6 (6:00)

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