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you grow old because you quit dancing

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Current Line Dance, Florida Classes:

Day and Times:
Florida class will start November 15th, 2016
  Tuesday 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM Leesburg Senior Center
  Thursday 6:00 - Baytree Country Club
  Friday 9:30 - 10:30 - Beginners - Fox Run
  Friday 10:30 - 11:30 - Intermediates - Fox Run

Place: Fox Run's Club House.     Our next dance/Pizza Party: TBA

Line Dances Taught in 2016-2017:

Recent / Dances class:  (New Dances taught/Reviewed)


Prior weeks classes: (Dances taught/Reviewed)




Dances taught/Reviewed this season so far (Winter 2015-2016)

A Bit Of A Crush - Gaye Teather - Step Sheet - 
A little cliche  love song - Lisa McCammon - Step Sheet - Video
Alibis & Lying Eyes Waltz by Jane E. Davis - Step Sheet -Video
Beach Struttin' by Debbie Scrimsher - Step Sheet - Video
Better When I'm Dancin', Baby by Gitte Stehr - Step Sheet - Video
Big, Blonde and Beautiful - Cody Flowers - Step Sheet See Video
Big Blue Tree - Ria VosStep Sheet - Video
Booty Call by unknown - Stepsheet - Video
Break On Me by Helen Born - Stepsheet - Video
Canadian Stomp-Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith. Music Any One Of Mine/Shania Twain - Step Sheet - See Video
Can You 2 Step - Frank Trace - Step Sheet - See Video
Caught In The Moonlight - Rachael McEnaney - Stepsheet - Video
Charlie's Cha - Gloria Stone - Step Sheet - See Video
Come Dance With Me - Jo Thompson Print Step Sheet - See Video
Country As Can Be by Suzanne Wilson - Stepsheet - Video
Country Walkin' by Teree Desarro - Stepsheet - Video
Dock Of The Bay by Rachael McEnaney - Stepsheet - Video
Empty pockets - Burton/Barr - Step Sheet - Video
Ex's and Oh's - Amy GlassStep Sheet - Video
Fireball (Easy) - Marthe Thibeault Step Sheet - See Video
Gloria - Rosie Multari Step Sheet - See Video
Going 2 pot - Norman Gifford - Step Sheet - Video
Georgia Peach by Pat Meikle - Stepsheet - Video
Honey, I'm Good - Donna Manning Step Sheet - See Video
Honey Pie - Maggie Gallagher Step Sheet - See Video
It's gonna rain - sue Ann Ehmann - Step Sheet - Video
Jamaica Farewell by Ira Weisburd - Stepsheet - Video
Little Dean Waltz - Claire DenneyStep Sheet - See Video
Little Red Book - Dee Musk  Print Step Sheet - See Video
Little Rumba by Donna Laurin - Stepsheet - Video
Love Country Life by Ivan Garcia - Step Sheet - Video
Meat and Potato Man - Karen Tripp -Print Step Sheet - See Video
Mustang Sally - Martie PapendorfStep Sheet - See Video
Pontoon - Gail Smith - Step sheet - See Video
Rain - Kate sala - Step Sheet Video
Rock' n' Roll is Here To Stay by Sonja Hemmes - Step Sheet - Video
Rub It In by Kathy Heller - Stepsheet - Video
September in the rain -Julie Katz DaviesStep Sheet - Video
Shoop Shoop - Jo Thompson Step Sheet - See Video
Singing The Blues - Maggie Gallagher Step Sheet - See Video
Smells Like Trouble To Me - Frank Trace Step Sheet - See Video
Stealing The Best by Rosie Multari - Step Sheet  - Video
The Bomp - Kim Ray Step Sheet - Video
The Locomotion - Jo and Rita Thompson - Step Sheet - See Video
The Majestic - Frank Trace - Step sheet - See Video
Thinkin' Country by Simon Ward - Stepsheet - Video
Ticket To the Blues by Neils Paulsen - Stepsheet - Video
Someone Feels Like A Fool by Ira Weisburd - Stepsheet - Video
Under the moon of love - Rachael McEnaneyStep Sheet - Video
Uptown Funky - Jill Weiss Step Sheet - See Video

Line Dances Taught in 2014-2015:

Ah Si! - Rita Musar - Print Step Sheet - See Video
All About That Bass choreographer Gail Dawson - Print Step Sheet - See Video
Alley Cat - choreographer unknown - warm up - Print Step Sheet - See Video
American Kids - Randy Pelletier Print Step Sheet - See Video
Auto-Moves / Judy Cain - Step Sheet - Video
Backroads Bump / Derek Steele - Stepsheet - Video
Bosa Nova / Phil Dennington - Step Sheet - Video
Bottle It Up by Gloria Johnson (B) - Step Sheet - Video
Bucket List / Gaye Teather - Step Sheet - Video
Canadian Stomp/Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith. Music Any One Of Mine/Shania Twain - Step Sheet - Video
Cupid Shuffle - Bernard Bryson Print Step Sheet - See Video
Electric Slide - unknown Print Step Sheet - See Video
Falling Rain / Juliet Lam - Step Sheet - Video
Fun For All / Sue Ann Ehmann - Step Sheet - Video
Gin & Tonic / Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hicki (B)  - Step Sheet - Video
Good Morning - Jo Thompson Szymanski and Machelle Cook Holloway - Step Sheet - Video
I Love A Rainy Night - Iris M. Mooney Step Sheet - Video
It's Goin' Hamm! / Trevor Thornton - Step Sheet - Video
Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance - John Dembiec - Print Step Sheet - See Video
Jo 'N Jo Tango / Jo Thompson SyzmanskiStep Sheet - Video
Little Red Book - Dee Musk  Print Step Sheet - See Video
Makita by Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie - Step Sheet  - Video
Mamma Maria / Frank Trace Step Sheet - Video
Meat and Potato Man - Karen Tripp - Print Step Sheet - See Video
Moving Hips / Frank Trace music Fireball by Pitbull - Step Sheet - Video
Ms. Jody's Thang - Ed Williams Print Step Sheet - See Video
My Everything - Dee Musk Print Step Sheet - See Video
Neon Light - Jill Weiss Print Step Sheet - See Video 
New Shade Of Blue by Yvonne Anderson - Step Sheet  - Video
Pontoon - Gail Smith - Step sheet - See Video
River Bank - Gail Smith Print Step Sheet - See Video 
Rockin' The Wagon Wheel - Jamie Marshall - Print Step Sheet - See Video
Sisters - Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse Print Step Sheet - See Video 
Skinny Genes / Pat and Lizzy Stott - Step Sheet - Video
Stealing The Best by Rosie Multari - Step Sheet  - Video
Straight Line Turn by Larry Bass - Step Sheet  - Video
Stroll Along Cha Cha - review - Print Step Sheet - See Video
The Best Is Yet To Come - Lynne Martino  Print Step Sheet - See Video
The Majestic - Frank Trace - Step sheet - See Video
Through The Grapevine /  Karl-Harry Winson Step Sheet - Video
Tine Together / Patti Maccagnan Step Sheet - Video
Toe Jammin'/Larry Bass to Monkey Around by Derek McClinton  Step Sheet Video
You're Beautiful / Lynn Card - Step Sheet - Video

Line Dances Taught in 2013-2014:

Dance Name
Step Sheet
Ah Si
Rita Masur 
Print Step Sheet
See Video
A Love Dance
Robert Wanstreet
Print Step Sheet
See Video
Ain't Nothin' (Like Southern Girls)
Larry Bass
Print Step Sheet
See Video
Alley Cat
Print Step Sheet
Blue Rose Is 
See Judy in Class
Boot Scootin Boogie  
Version of dance
See Judy in Class
Bosa Nova (B/I) 
Phil Dennington
Print Step Sheet   See Video
D.H.S.S (B)  
Gaye Teather
See Video
Caught In The Act
Ann Wood
Come Dance With Me
Jo Thompson
Suzanne Wilson 
Cupid Shuffle
Bernard Bryson
Print Step Sheet
See Video
Electric Slide
Ric Silvern (USA) 76
Print Step Sheet
See Video
Feeling Kinda Lonely
Margaret Swift
See Video
Jose' Cuervo '97
Max Perry
Print Step Sheet
See Video
Heavenly Waltz 
Bertha-Rose Park
Little Red Book (B) 
Dee Musk
Frank Trace
Print Step Sheet
Mamma Maria (B)
Frank Trace
Ed Williams 
See Video
My Blue Heaven 
Don Pascual
See Video
New York New York
See Judy in Class
Gail Smith
Rivers Of Babylon
John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson
Print Step Sheet See Video
Seduced (B) 
Ira Weisburd
Judy Cain
Rosie Multari
See Video
Stray Cat Strut
See Judy in Class
John & Janette Sandham
This Little Light 
Jo & Rita Thompson
Jo Thompson
Waltz Across Texas 
Lois & John Nielson
Where You Live
Robert Wanstreet
See Judy in Class

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