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you grow old because you quit dancing

Today is

Judy's Blog June 5, 2017

New dances taught were:
Mr. Florist by Sandy Kerrigan
Blue Umbrella Blues by April Coady 
1159 by Rachael McEnaney-White
Mambo Breeze by Larry Bass
Misbehave A Bit by Forty Arroyo
Then we did a lot of reviews getting ready for Frank Traces summer Workshop this Saturday
Rain Against My Window - Michael Barr
Doors of Life - Michael Barr
Whatchugot by Neville Fitzgerald
Frank Trace reviewed - I Wanna (Dance) by Gerald Murphy, Michael Barr & Frank Trace
Tina Foster reviewed - Clap Snap by Philip Sobrielo
Thanks to all of you for making the class so much fun.....
All the above dances can be found on Copper knob.
Missed you Janice - hope this finds you healing quickly.
Our sympathy goes out to Theresa for the loss of her beautiful Mother.
Was great dancing with all of you again.......
Judy's Blog May 22, 2017

Wow – what a month this has been.  Talk about bitter sweet – miss my new friends and dancers in Florida and yet happy and excited to get back into my Ohio routine, and be with family, friends, dancers and studio.  
Tap Kats are keeping me busy we had 2 shows this month and looking forward to 2 next month.  Dana did a great job keeping all happy.  She choreographed 2 great tap routines and I have had fun learning them.  
Theresa kept the line dancers busy and most of them even accompanied her to a workshop.  Yea Theresa!  
This past Monday night Amer, Frank, Tina Foster & Janice surprised us by coming down to dance with us. Talk about a treat – doesn’t get any better than that.  While there Tina taught us Clap Snap by Philip Sobrieilo.  Neat – fun dance, but I would sure like another class on it.  Tina, I promise I will try to practice it.  
Dances taught over the past month were:
Boom Boom Bang by Jamie Bamfield
Bad Bad LeRoy Brown – unknown
Ab – Na Na Honey I’m Good by Annemaree Sleeth
Bullfrog On A Log by Cef Decaney
The Majestic by Frank  Trace
Mambo Breeze by Larry Bass
If I Wuz U by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Everywhere We Go by Julie Lockton
Whatchugot by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
1159 by Rachael McEnaney-White
Stomp Like Hell by Rachael McEnaney-White
Simplemente by Kate Sala
All the above dance step sheets can be found on Copper knob.

Current Line Dances Akron Studio: (Taught or Reviewed since Jan 2011):  
Dance Name / Choreographer (Level: A=Adbance, I=Intermediate. B=Beginner ... etc)   
Step Sheets ...


A Drink In My Hand / Sandy Goodman  (B/I) 
A Little Love Worth Waiting 4  /  Norman Gifford  (B)
A Little Party / Ruben Luna and Jill Babinec (I)
Accordion Love / Bryan McWherter (I)
Adaptable / Frank Trace  (I) 
Stepsheet  Video 
Advice / Dee Musk (I) 
After 5 Stomp  / Diane Horner   (B) 
After Party / Maurice Rowe  (I) 
Ain't Too Proud / Adrian Churm (B/I)
Alabama Slammin' / Rachael McEnaney (I) 
Alcazar / Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson (I-52/4), Music: Blame It On The Disco by Alcazar
All About Michael / Niels Poulsen  (B/I) 
All About That Bass / Gail A. Dawson (B-32/4), Music: All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor
All Good / Kate Sala  (B) 
All Of Me / Maggie Gallagher (I) 
All Of Me /  Simon Ward (I) 32-Count 2-Wall, Music: All Of Me, by John Legend Stepsheet Video
Alley Cat / Donna Aiken  (B) 
All You Need / Robbie McGowan Hickie (B)
Always 17 - Kate Sala (32/4-B)
Amame Un Poquito by Forty Arroyo (32/2-B)
American Kids / Randy Pelletier (B - 32/4) Music: American Kids by Kenny Chesney Stepsheet
Am I Wrong / Amy Glass (I-64/2) Music: Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinzz
And Get It On / Daniel Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane (32/4 - I) Stepsheet
Arizona (Iced Tea) Stomp / Dan Albro  (B/I) 

Baby Bubbles / Gaye Teather  (B/I) 
Baby I Need Your Loving / Maria Maag (B/I), 32/4, Music: Baby I Need Your Loving by Michael McDonald
Baby Wonder Train / Susanne Mose Nielsen (32/4-B)
Bachata Conmigo / Ira Weisburd (I - 64/4), Music: Muerdeme by Barbini Giovanni Orchestra
Back In Time / Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy  (I/A) 
Back It Up / Darren Bailey  and Raymond Sarlemijn  (I) 
Backstreet Attitude / Jamie Marshall (B/I-32/4), Music: As Long As You Love Me by The Backstreet Boys 
Back to Black / Lawrence Allen (I) 
Bad Girl That Girl / Donna Manning (B)
Bama Slammin' / Maggie Hicks   (B) 
Bang Bang /  Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward  (I) 
Bang Bang (EZ) / Annemaree Sleeth (B)
Bayou Dreams / Larry Bass  (B) 
Be Bop A Lula by Larry Bass (32/4 B/I)
Be My Baby Now / Vicky St.Pierre & Rachael McEnaney (I) 
Beautiful In My Eyes / Simon Ward (I/A) 
Best Thing / Frank Trace (B/I)
Better & Better / Frank Trace  (B) 
Better Believe / Scott Blevins (I) 
Betty Lou's Boogie / Anita McNab (B/I) 
Big Bang Boogie / Michele Burton  (B) 
Big Blonde and Beautiful / Cody Flowers (32/4 B)
Big Blue Tree / Ria Vos
Bikers Shuffle / Big Mucci  (B) 
Bite The Dust / Harlan Curtis (B/I) 32-Count, 4-Wall. Music: Another One Bites The Dust by Glee Cast
Bittersweet Memory / Ria Vos  (I)  
Black Heart / Kate Sala (I)
Black Mercedes / Dan Albro (32/4 B/I)
Blue Rose Is / Donna Lent (B) 
Blue Night Cha (B)
Blue Spanish Eyes / Juliet Lam (B) 
Blurred Lines / Rachael McEnaney and Arhay Centeno (A) 
Blurred Lines (Soul Line Dance / KimmyKim (B) - NoStep Sheet - See Video 
Blurry Lines / Alison Johnstone (B-32/2), Music: “Blurred Lines” – Robin Thicke FJ Pharrell
Bottle It Up / Gloria Johnson (32/4 -B)
Boot Scootin Boogie / Unknown  (B) 
Booty Chuk / Scott Blevins and Lou Ann Schemmel  (I) 
Bosa Nova / Phil Dennington  (B/I) 
Bounce Bounce / Frank Trace (B) 32-count, 4-wall, Music: Crystallized by Kim Sozzi
Boys 'Round Here / Helen Born & Nita Lindley (B/I), 32-Count - 2-Wall. Music: Boys ‘Round Here by Blake Shelton 
Boys Will Be Boys / Rachael McEnaney  (I) 
Break Away / Max Perry   (B) 
Breathless / Karl-Harry Winson  (I) 
Breathless Anticipation / Tim Hand & Alice Daugherty (48/1 B)
Bright Lights / Darren Bailey & Raymond Sarlemijn  (B/I) 
Bucket List / Gaye Teather (32/4 - B)
Build Me Up Buttercup / Dee Musk  (32/4 -B/I)
Bullfrog On A Log / Cef Decaney (B) 32/4 Music: Gotta Feeling by Tim Hicks feat. Blackjack Billy Video
Burlesque / Norman Gifford (I)
Bust A Move / Jo & John Kinser & Sobrielo Philip Gene (B)
Buzz Me / Frank Trace  (B) 

Cab Driver / Roz & Nat Morgan (64/4 -B)
Call Me Baby / John Robinson (B) 
Call Me Baby, Baby / Kim Ray  (I) 
CanAm Tango / Michele Perron, Michael Barr, Michele Burton (I)
Catch My Breath  /  Roy Hoeben  (B)
Caught In The Moonlight / Rachael McEnaney (B-48/4), Music: “Caught In The Moonlight” – Si Cranstoun
C'est la Vie Baby - Jo Thompson Szymanski and John Robinson (32/4-B)
Cha Cha Burn /Scott Blevins and Jo Thompson Szymanski (A), 80-Count 4-Wall, Music: Burn by Kulay
Charleston Swing / Rosalee Musgrave  (B) 
Charlie's Cha / Gloria Stone (32/4 -B)
Chatahoochee / Jimmy Serena  (I) 
Chattahoochee / Jean S. Kotcha (B-28/4), Music: Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson
Chicken Walk Jive / Patricia E. Stott (B/I) 
Chippin' Away / Maryloo (Ultra-B) 32-Count, 4-Wall, Music: “Chippin’ Away” by Kevin Fowler
Chocolate Melon / Larry Bass (B)
Choo Choo Cha Boogie / John Robinson & Jo Thompson Szymanski (B/I) 
Cliche Love Song / Jo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy, John Robinson (32/2 - I)
Coastin’ / Ray & Tina Yeoman (B/I) 40/4
Come Back My Love / Juliet Lam (B) 
Come Dance With Me / Jo Thompson  (B) 
Come On To The Nitty Gritty/Annemaree Sleet (B) 32-Count, 4-Wall, Music: Nitty Gritty by Kimberly Cole
Cooler Than Me / Frank Trace (B)
Country As Can Be / Suzanne Wilson  (B) 
Country Girl Shake / Michele Adlam & Maria Hennings Hunt (B/I) 
Country Walkin' /  Teree Desarro  (B) 
Cowgirl's Twist / Bill Bader (Ultra-B) 
Coyote Sing / Jg2  (B) 
Crazy Legs / Greg Underwood  (I) 
Cripple Creek / Kip Sweeny  (I) 
Crocodile Roll / Ira Weisburd Alison Johnstone David Hoyn (B-32/4), Music: Hillbilly Rick & Australia’s Tornadoes
Stepsheet Video
Cruisin' / Neil Hale (B) 
Cry Cry Cry / Francien Sittrop (B/I) 
Cupid / Marie Sørensen (B) 
Cut A Rug by Jo & Rita Thompson (32/2 B)

Da Dance / Craig Bennett (I/A)
Stepsheet  Video 
Dance Like You're The Only One / Teresa & Vera (B/I) (B/I)
Dance With Me To The Radio / Rita Masur  (B) 
Dancin' Feet / Susan & Harry Brooks (I) 
Dancing In The Streets / Sobrielo Philip Gene & Ruben Luna  (I) 
Dark Side / Steve Lescarbeau, Amy Christian-Sohn & Junior Willis  (I) 
Dear Future Husband / Julia Wetzel (I-32/4) Music: Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor
Deep In The Heart of Texas / Sonja Hemmes (32/4 - B)
Dem Jeans  / Georgia Griffin (I) 
Diamond Back Stomp (a.k.a. Reggae Cowboy ..etc) / Gene Schrivener 
Dip, Dive and Socialize/Debbie McLaughlin & Joey Warren (A)
Dirt Road Riders / Junior Willis, Brandon Zahorsky, & Scott Schrank (I) 
Dock of The Bay / Terri Lineberry  (B) 
Dock of the Bay / Rachael McEnany (B/I)
Domino / Rachael McEnaney  (I) 
Don't Get Around Much / Qwest Dancer (B - 32/4), Music: Don’t Get Around Much Anymore - Tony Bennett & Michael Buble
Stepsheet Video
Don't Look Good Naked / Eddie Huffman (B)
Don't Turn Out The Lights / Debbie Ellis (I) 
Don't Miss A Thing / Rachael McEnaney (I/A)
Don't Want Nobody / Wil Bos & Esmeralda van der Pol  (B/I) 
Double D (Duck Dynasty) / Trevor Thornton (32/4 B/I)
Dr Wanna Do / Maggie Gallagher   (B/I) 
Dream On / Rob Fowler (24/4 - B)
Drift Away / Rob Fowler (B/I)
Stepsheet Video
Drink On It / Ria Vos (B/I) 
Drinkin' Wine / Frank Trace, Gerard Murphy & Michael Barr (I) 
Drive By / Larry Hayden  (B/I) 
Drive Me Wild / Scott Blevin  (I) 
Dy-No-Mite! / Bracken Ellis Potter and Ruben Luna (I)

East To West / Larry Hayden   (B/I) 
Eighteen Lonely Months / Rep Ghazali-Meaney (B - 32/4), Music: Toby Keith – I’ll Probably Be Out Fishin'
Electro Charleston / Alexis Strong (32/4 - B)
Empty Pockets / Michele Burton & Michael Barr (B/I)
Euro Mess! / Jo Kinser, Daniel Trepa and Niels Poulsen  (I) 
Everybody's Here / Ben Heggy  (B)
Ex's and Oh's / Amy Glass (32/4 B/I)
EZ Freestyle / Amy Christian (B)

Fake ID (2011 "Footloose" Movie) / Jamal Sims & Dondraico Johnson (A)
Fall In Love / Pat Stott (B), 32-4, Music: Never Gonna Fall In Love by Tim Redmond Ft Rick Guard Stepsheet Video
Fallsview Rock / Janet Wilson (B) 
Farewell /  Debbie McLaughlin, Joey Warren & Junior Willis  (I) 
Feeling Hot / Rachael McEnaney (B - 48/4) , Music: Feeling Hot by Don Omar
Feisty / Tajali Hall  (I) 
Fireball / Will Craig (I-64/2), Music: “Fireball” by Pitbull Ft John Ryan
Fireball (Easy) by Marthe Thibeault (32/4 B)
Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue / Karen Tripp  (B) 
Stepsheet  Video 
Flip on the lights / Ria Vos (32/4 -Improver)
Foot Boogie /  Ryan Dobry (B - 32/2 Contra), Music: Baby Likes To Rock It by The Tractor
Foot Boogie (MO. Style) / Unknown (B) 
Footprints On The Water / Joanne Brady & Jill Babinec (I - 32/4) Music: Footprints On The Water by Gold City
Stepsheet Video
Follow Me / Darren Bailey, Raymond Sarlemijn, Fred Whitehouse {I/A} 32/2 Music: Follow me by Wisnu Stepsheet
For The Good Times / Roz Chaplin & Colin Smith  (I) 
Fresh / Jo & John Kinser  (I) 
Fuijyama Mama / Darren Bailey (B/I)
Fun For All / Sue Ann Ehmann (to “Timber” or “California Dreamin’”  or “Old Time Rock & Roll")
Fun in the sun / Frank Trace  (B)
FunK U Up / Junior Willis: Brandon Zahorsky: Scott Schrank: Sandy Rohrback Garrish (64/2 - I/A)

Get Down / Sobrielo Philip Gene (B)
Get Down / Darren "Daz" Bailey & Lana Williams (B/I)
Get Down Get Funky / Sue Wilkinson & Cheryl Poulter (I=32/2), Music: Slam Dunk by Five
Get My Name / Guyton Mundy & Will Craig (I - 64/4), Music: Mark Ballas - Get my Name
Get Ready / Julia Wetzel (I - 32/4) Music: Get Ready (T&S 45 Edit) by Lady The Band
Stepsheet Video
Gin & Tonic / Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hicki (B) 32-Count 4 Wall Music: Love Drunk by LoCash Cowboys
Girl Crush / Allison Johnstone and Rachael McEnaney (32/2 - I/A)
Gleefully There / Rachael McEnaney (I)  Stepsheet  Video 
Gloria (AB)/ Rosie Multari (Ultra B) 32/4
Go Seven / Ria Vos  (B) 
God Blessed Texas / Shirley K. Batson (B) 
Ghost Train / Kathy Hunyadi (32/4 B)
Going 2 Pot / Norman Gifford (64/2 - Improver)
Go Strait / Darren Bailey (32/4 -Improver)
Gold Digger / Rachael McEnaney   (I) 
Gonna by Judy Cain (32/2-I)
Good Time (The Dance From The Video) / Jenny Cain  (B) 
Grown Man / Johanna Barnes  (I/A)
Gypsy queen / JoHazel Price  (B/I)
Half Past Nothin' / Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris  (B/I) 
Have Fun, Go Mad / Scott Blevins  (I)
Have You Ever Seen The Rain / Dee Musk  (B/I)
Head Over Boots / John Dembiec (B) 
Heavenly Waltz by Bertha-Rose Park (B)
Hello Dolly / Lorraine Kurtela  (B/I) 
Help Me Make It / Double Trouble – Cathy and Kathy (I - 32/4)
Hey / Frank Trace (B/I) 
Hey Go / Scott Blevins (I) 64-Count, 4-Wall. Music: The Walker by Fitz and The Tantruum
Hi-A-Ma Cha / Rachael McEnaney (I) 
Hidalgo Boogie / Ira Weisburd (B)
High Cotton / Niels Poulsen, (B/I) 32-Count, 4-Wall, Music: High Cotton by Alabama
His Only Need / Ria Vos  (I)
Hit The Floor / Ria Vos (I) 64-Count, 4-Wall, Music: Hit The Ground - Kique Santiago
Stepsheet Video
Hollywood Edge / JP Potter, Derek Steele and Bracken Ellis Potter  (I)
Homegrown / Rachael MEnaney (32/4 - B/I)
Homegrown Honey / Sandy Goodman (B)
Honey, I'm Good / Donna Manning (32/2 Low Intermediate)
Honey Pie / Maggie Gallagher (B/I)
Hooked On Country / Doug Miranda (B/I)   
Hootchie Dance - Larry Bass & Jane Koon (B/I)
Humanised / Scott Blevins and Jo Thompson Szymanski  (I) 
Hurt Me Carefully / Ria Vos (I) 
Stepsheet  Video 
I'm Mad / Brenda Shatto (Nov, 2013) (I) WCS
I'm No Good / Rachael McEnaney (I) 
Imelda's Way  / Adrian Churm (B/I) 
Incredible / Junior Willis and Scott Schrank (I) 48-Count, 2-Wall. Music: Incredible by Celine Dion With Ne-Y
In It Together / Karl-Harry Winson (B/I) 
Intrigue /  Rob Fowler   (I/A) 
I Run To You / Rachel McEnaney (I)
I Saw Linda Yesterday / Derek Robinson   (B) 
I Wanna Kiss You / Amy Christian (B) 16/4
I'm a Tornado / Tom Avinger  (B) 
Is Baby's Radio On? (Baby's Radio) / Gytal (B)
Islands In The Stream / Karen Jones (B-32/4) Music: Islands In The Stream by Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
It Feels Good / Tobey Lang (32/4 -B/I)
It's Amazing / Michael Barr (I)
It's Goin' Hamm / Trevor Thornton (32/2)
It's Gonna Rain / Sue Ann Ehmann (32/4 B)
Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance / John Dembiec (B - 32/4) Music: Itsy Bitsy Spider by Go Fish
Jamaica Farewell / Ira Weisburd (B/I)
Jazzy Girl / Jo & John Kinser (I) 
Jingle-Jangle / John H. Robinson and Junior Willis (B/I) 
Johnny Got a Boom Boom / Darren Bailey (B/I)
Jo 'N Jo Tango / Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Jo Thompson (B)
Jordin's Step / Keith Stewart, (B/I) 32-Count 4-Wall, Music: “One Step at a Time” by Jordin Spark
Jo's Cotton Eyed Joe / Jo Thompson (B/I) 
Judge Not Rachael McEnaney-White (B)
Juke Box Shot / Lydia Stephenson  (B/I) 
Just For Me / Ria Voss  (I) 
Kansas City / Shirley Blankenship (B/I-32/4), Music: Kansas City by Fats
Keep Dancing All Night / Lisa McCammon (32/4 - B)
Keep On / Rob Fowler  (I) 
Knock Yourself Out / Marie Crater  (B) 
Know Me By Now / Craig Bennett  (I) 
Kokocha / Andrew Kennedy (B-52/2), Music: Earthquake by Ronnie Milsap
Krazy / Jim Criger  (I) 
Stepsheet  Video 
Kreedom /  Michele Perron and Jo Thompson Szymanski  (B/I)
Kts / Raymond Sarlemijn. Pim Van Grootel (B/I)
La Luna / Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs (I) 
Lady / Amy Christian-Sohn (B) 
Lady Luck! / Niels B. Poulsen (I/A) West coast swing 
LaLuna Bachata / Amy Christian  (B) 
Last Minute / Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren  (I)
Lay Low by Darren Bailey (32/4 - B/I)
Lazy!!! (AKA... The SNUGGIE Dance) / Guyton Mundy (B) 
Lennerockers Stroll/Francien Sittrop (B) 48-Count 4-Wall Music: The Lennerockers Stroll 
Let's Do The Rock / Sue Ann Ehmann & Dancin’ Terry (B - 48/4), Music: The Rock by Ms. Jody
Let's Fall In Love / Lynne Martino, 32-Count, 4- Wall, Music: Let's Fall In Love by Rod Stewart
Let's Have A Party! / Rachael McEnaney, John Robinson and Jo Thompson Szymanski (B/I) Stepsheet Video
Lipstick, Powder And Paint Steven Rutter & Claire Rutter (B)
Little Dean Waltz by Claire Denney (48/2-B)
Little Red Book  /  Dee Musk  (B) 
Little Mixed Up / Pat Stott (B))
Little Rhumba / Donna Laurin  (B) 
Long Way To Go / Karen Zima (B) 
Looser Still / Robert Lindsay & Patricia E. & Lizzie Stott  (B) 
Love 2 Dance / Simon Ward and Niels B. Poulsen  (I) 
Love's Kiss / John Robinson  (I) 
Love Letter Waltz / Frank Trace (I) 
Love Lifted Me / Jo Thompson Szymanski (B/I)
Love Me Or Leave Me / Frank Trace  (B/I) 
Love Me Right / Rachael McEnaney & Amy Glass (I - 64/4), Music: Love Me Right by Swag Geeks feat. Brooke Pennin
Stepsheet Video
Love Repeats  /  Michele Burton  (B) 
Love, JoAnn / Marie Sørensen   (B) 
Lucky Punch / Robbie McGowan Hickie  (B/I)
Madly Off In All Directions / Michele Perron (B)
Magic Moon / Robbie McGowan Hickie   (B) 
Make This Day / Rachael McEnaney (B/I)  
Make you sweat / Ria Vos (B/I)
Making Me Feel / Maddison Glover, Rachael McEnaney-White (32/3 - B/I)
Makin' Whoopee / Sonja Hemmes (32/2 - B)
Mambo Moves / Larry Bass (B/I)  
Matador / Donna Aiken (B-40/4), Music: Matador by Sylvia
M.C.B.A. / Malene Jakobsen (B - Contra) 
Meat and Potato Man / Karen Tripp (B - 32/4), Music: Meat and Potato Man by Alan Jackson Stepsheet Video
Metamorphosized / James O. Kellerman (I) 
Mexi-Fest / Kate Sala  (B/I) 
Midnight Stroll / Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs  (B) 
Midnight Swing / Rob Glover   (I/A) 
Mirrors / Amy Glass & Will Craig (I/A)  Stepsheet 
Miss Incredible / Jo Thompson Szymanski (I-32/4), Music: "Miss Incredible" by Mark Ballas
Mixed Up / Pat Stott & Carrie Ann Green (I - 64/2), Music: Little Mix – Word Up
MMMBop / Kelly Kaylin  (I) 
Mom, the Bomb! / Niels Poulsen and Alexis Strong (I)
Moment in Time  /  Dee Musk  (B) 
Moves Like Jagger / Yeo Yu Puay (Absolute Beginner) 
Mr. So & So / Rick Todd (B) 
Mr. Mysterious / Rachael McEnaney  (I) 
Ms. Jody's Thang / Ed Williams  (B) 
Mucara Walk / John Steel  (B/I) 
Mustang Sally / Martie Papendorf (32/4 - B)
My Baby In Camouflage / Eddie Huffman  (B/I) 
My Everything / Dee Musk (B)
My Girl / Mal Jones  (B/I) 
My Maria / Mike Camara & Dan Albro  (B/I) 
My Teddy Bear / Judy Cain Phrased A-B, improver/intermediate line dance(I)
Need to be Naughty / Brandon Zahorsky (B/I), 32-Count, 4-Wall Music: Naughty by Anastacia 
Neon Light / Jill Weiss (B-32/4), Music: Blake Shelton – Neon Light
Never Been To Spain by Jo Thompson Symanski  (48/2 - I/A)
New Shade Of Blue / Yvonne Anderson (64/4 - B/I)
New York 2 LA / Rachael McEnaney, 48-Count, 4-Wall, (I/A) Music: NY2LA by Press Play Stepsheet Video
Nitty Gritty / Scott Blevins (I) 
No Llores / Ria Vos  (I) 
Nomi (2015) / Dirk Leibing (32/2 - B)
No Smoke / Sue Hutchison  (B) 
No Trespassing /  Gloria Stone  (I)
Not Together Now / Choreographed by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris (I) 
OC’s  JIG /  Gaye Teather (B/I) 32/4
Off The Chain / Fred Whitehouse (I/A) 64/2 Phrased Music: I Can’t Believe It - Flo Rida
On The Edge / Craig Bennett (I/A) 
On The Right Track by Vivienne Scott (32/4 - B)
On The Roof / Stephen Rutter & Claire Butterworth  (B) 
One More Night / Jo Thompson Szmanski (32/4 - B)
OohAah / Sal Gonzalez (B/I - 48/2), Music: Love Potion #9 by Hansel Martinez
Open Book / Jo Thompson Szymanski (B) 
Out & Jump / Rep Ghazali (Phrased A-B) (B/I)
Out Like That / Trevor Thorton (48/4 - I)
Outta Control / Simon Ward  (A) 
Pants On Fire / Lisa M. Johns-Grose (32/4 - B)
Papi / Rachael McEnaney  (I/A) 
Part Of Me / Ria Vos (48/2 - I/A)
Party Freak / Kate Sala  (I) 
Peaches & Cream / Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs  (B) 
Perfect! / Guyton Mundy  (I) 
Pink Shoelaces / Michael W. Diven  (B)
Pontoon / Gail Smith  (B/I) 
Post Code Envy / Joey Warren (I/A) 
Proud Mary Burnin’ / Sobrielo Philip Gene (I/A)  
Purr Kitty / Rachael McEnaney  (B) 
Push / Michele Perron (B /I)
Put On Your Dancin' Boots / Jo Thompson (B)
Rag Top Down / Michele Burton  (I) Stepsheet Video
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O / Maggie Gallagher (B/I)  32/4
Rain Against My Window / Michael Barr (I)
Raise Your Glass / Rachael McEnaney  (I/A) 
Red Hot Salsa / Christina Browne  (B/I) 
Remember That /  Rachael McEnaney (I) 32-Count, 4-Wall, Music: Remember That by Jessica Simpson
Right To Be Wrong / Scott Blevins (A) 53/2 Music: Right To Be Wrong by Joss Stone Stepsheet

Rio / Diana Lowery  (B/I) 
River Bank / Gail Smith (I) 48/4, Music: River Bank by Brad Paislet
Rock and Roll Music / Rachael McEnaney-White (B/I)
Rock This Party / Simon Ward    (I)
Rock Your Body / Francien Sittrop  (I) 
Rockaway / Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick  (B/I)  
Rockin' All Over The World / Janas Dahlgren (32/4 -B)
Rockin' Steady / Dancin' Terry (32/4 - B)
Rockin' The Wagon Wheel / Jamie Marshall  (B) 
Rude Boy /  Junior Willis and Amy Spencer (I)
Rum / Judy Corwin (B-48/4), Music: Rum by Brothers Osborne

Santa Swing /  Michele Burton (I)
Scarlet Devil / John Robinson & Junio Willis (I) Stepsheet
Seduced / Ira Weisburd  (B) 
September In The Rain / Julie Katz Davies (32/4 - B)
Seventeen / Kim Ray (I - 64/2), Music: At Seventeen by Celine Dion
Sexy Lady / Craig Bennett (I) 
Shackles / Jo Thompson Szymanski  (B) 
Shake It For Me / Larry Bass (B/I) 
Shake That Bass / Felicia Harris Jones (B-32/4), Music: All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor
Shanghai Surprise / Jo Thompson Szymanski, Rachael McEnaney (I)
Shades Of Passion / Rob Fowler (72/4 - I/A Waltz)
Shattered Dreams / Karl-Harry Winson  (B) 
Shine On Harvest Moon / Karen Tripp  (Ultra B) 
Shoop / Darren Bailey, Daniel Trepat, Pim van Grootel, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk (B/I)
Shoop Shoop by Jo Thompson (32/2 B)
Shoot The Moon / Kathy Brown (B/I - 32/4), Can You Do This by Neal McCoy
Shortenin' Bread / Liz Cartwright (B)
Shotgun Jenny /  Kathy Kelley Brown (32/2 - B)
S.B.S.Shuffle Boogie Soul/Ira Weisburd (to “Boots On” by Randy houser) (B)
Sippin' On Southern / Kat Quinn (B) 32-Count, 2-Wall, Music: Cruise by Florida Georgia Line 
Simply Counting Stars / John Robinson (B), 32-Count/4-Wall
Skiffle Time / Darren Bailey  (B/I) 
Skinny Genes / Patricia E. & Lizzie Stott (B)
Slipaway Cha / John Robinson  (I)  
Smack Dab / Tajali Hall   (I) 
Smack Dab In The Middle / Terri Lineberry  (B) 
Smooth Operator / Michael Barr, Ruben Luna & Scott Schrank (I)
So Just Dance Dance Dance! / Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Guillaume Richard (B)
Somebody That I Used To Know / Amy Christian  (B) 
Something In The Water / Niels Poulsen (B) 
Somewhere With You / Scott Schrank & Junior Willis (I) 
Soul Fire  /  Ria Vos  (I/A) 
S.T. One / Rachael McEnaney-White (B/I)
Start To Sway by Sandra Le Brocq (to “Sway” by The Pussycat Dolls) (B)
Stay Stay Stay / Niels Poulsen  (B/I)
Stealing the beast / Rosie Multari (B)  Stepsheet  Video 
Step Back / Bill Bader (B) 32/4 to “Hold Your Horses” by E-Type
Still Love Me Tomorrow?  /  Rachael McEnaney  (I) 
Stiches /Amy Glass (I)
Stomp / Dee Blansett (B-32/4), Music: Stomp by Jared Blake 
Stomping It Out / Silke C. Henke (B)
Stop Staring At My Eyes! Raymond Sarlemijn, Neils Poulsen (B/I)
Stroll Along Cha Cha Rodeo Cowboys/John & Janette Sandham (B/I)
Stuck / Rachael McEnaney & Joey Warren (I/A)  
Sugar, Sugar / Doug Miranda   (B/I)
Sultry! / Rob Fowler (I), 64-Count 2-Wall, Music: Perfidia by John Altmana
Summertime Strolling / Kathy Brown (B?I - 32/4), Music: Beachin – Jake Owen
Sunshine Of My Life / Jo Kinser & John Kinser (B-32/4), Music: “You are the sunshine of my life” by Glee Video
Swamp Thang / Max Perry  (B/I)
Sweet Georgia Brown / Lorraine Kurtela & Michele Burton (B) 
Sweet Pea (aka Sweetpea) / Gloria Johnson (I) 
Sweet Pea / Frank Trace (B), 32/2, Music: Sweet Pea by Amos Lee Stepsheet
Swing It / Lilly Starnes (B) East coast swing 
Swing Time Boogie / Scott Blevins (I - 64/4), Music: Swing City by Roger Brown & Swing City

Tailgate / Dan Albro  (B/I) 
Talkin To The Moon / Joey Warren (I/A)  
Tango De Pasion / Kate Sala  (I) 
Tchu Tcha / Roy Verdonk & José miguel Belloque Vane (72/2-B/I), Music: Flavel & amp Neto - Eu quero tchu, Eu quero tcha
Tell The World / Robbie McGowan Hickie (32/4 - B/I)
Text Me Texas / Rob Fowler (32/4-B)
The Best Is Yet To Come / Lynne Martino (B)
The Bomp / Kim Ray (64/2 - B/I)
The Hotdog Boogie / Francien Sittrop  (B/I) 
The Little Things / Jo Thompson Szymanski (I), 32-Count, 4-Wall Music: The Little Things by Carlos Bertonatt
The Love You Save  / Rob Glover   (B/I) 
The Majestic / Frank Trace (B)
The Stomp / Robbie McGowan Hickie (I) 
The Wanderer / Michelle Risley (B/I) 
This & That / Gary Lafferty (B)
This Is A Mans World / Jose Miquel Belloquevane and Roy Verdonk (B/I) 
Those Were The Days / Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler (B-32/2), Music: Those Were the Days by Hermes House Band
Thrift Shop / Judy Cain  (B)  Stepsheet 
Through The Fire / Scott Blevins and Jo Thompson Szymanski (I) 
Throw Away The Key / Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick  (I) 
Tick Tock Two / Rachael McEnaney (B/I-64/4), Music: “Tick Tock” – Si Cranstoun
Ticket To The Blues! / Niels Poulsen (32/4-B)
Timber / Peter & Alison (I), 64-Count, 4-Wall, Music: Timber – Pitbull feat. Ke$ha
Time Bomb / Craig Bennett  (I) 
Toes /  Rachael McEnaney  (B)
Too Many Girlfriends / Sue Ann Ehmann  (I) 
Tornado / Gail Smith  (B/I) 
Truck Girl / Rafel Corbi (B) 
True Love Two Step / Jo Thompson Szymanski, Michael Barr & Michele Burton (I) 
Tuesday Blues by Simon Ward (64/2 - I/A)
Turn To You / Scott Schrank & Junior Willis   (I) 
Turnabout / Max King  (B) 
Tush Push / Ferrazzano & Kenneth Engel (B) 
Twinkle / Rhoda Lai  (I) 
Twist And Shout / Jan Barrus (B/I)
Twist With The Fat Boys / Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos (I) 
Twist-Em / Jo Thompson (B) 
Two Timing Man by Ira Weisburd (48/4-B/I)

U Shake It / Judy Cain (B) 
Unchained Melody Jennifer Jou, Taiwan (B)
Under The Sun / Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu (B)
Until The Dawn Gary Lafferty (B)
Uptown Funky / Jill Weiss (B)

Volcano Cha Cha / Johnnie Hinton  (B/I) 

Waka Waka / Roy Hoeben (Novelty/B)
Wake Up Little Susie / Rachael McEnaney (B) 
Walking Away / Rachael McEnaney  (B) 
Waltz 2,3  Sherrin O'Hara-Lovell (B)
Wanna Dance / Chris Jones  (B) 
Wanna Love / Raymond Sarlemijn & Michel Platje (I-48/4) Music: I Wanna Love Somebody Like You Keith Urban
Watch It Burn / Will Craig  (I) 
Watermelon Crawl / Sue Lipscomb (B-40/4), Music: Watermelon Crawl by Tracy Byrd
Wave On Wave / Alan Birchall (32/4 - B/I)
Western In Country / Suzanne Wilson & Jo Thompson Szymanski  (B/I)
What A Thrill / Julia Wetzel (B/I) 
What's My Name / Dan McInerney (I/A)  
What's Right Is Right / Michael Barr & Michele Burton (B/I)
Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed / Linda Pink (32/2 - B)
Why Me?  /  Larry Bass  (B) 
Windy City Waltz / Simon Ward, Ria Vos, and Darren Bailey (I/A) 
Wishful Thinking / Jim O'Neill  (B/I) 
Without Fire / Karl-Harry Winson  (I) 
Without You / Will Craig  (A) 
Wom Bom Bom   / Paul McAdam & Craig Bennett   (I)  
Wonderland Waltz / Rob Fowler  (B/I) 
Wonder Train / Ria Vos (64/4-B/I), Music: “Wonder What You’re Doing For The Rest Of Your Life” - Train
Won't You Stay / Joey Warren (I-32/4) Music: Stay With Me - Sam Smith
You Got That Thang / Rachael McEnaney (B/I) 

You Sexy Thing / Kelli Haugen   (B/I) 
You've Got What It Takes! / Michael Barr  (I- 64/4) Music: Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes) by Michael Bublé
You're Amazing / Guyton Mundy (I)
You're Beautiful / Lynn Card (32-2 / B)
You're Sixteen, Beautiful And Mine / Annette Lapp (B-32/4), Music: You’re Sixteen You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine by Ringo Starr
Your Place Or Mine / Ria Vos, Karl-Harry Winson, Robbie McGowan Hickie (64/2-I)

# Numbers

1-2-3-4 / Niels Poulsen (I)
13 MYZ / Wild Bill McKechnie (I)
1929 / Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie  (B/I) 
50 Ways / Pat Stott (UK)    (I) 


Line Dance Information:

Mondays 6-8:00 PM
Price: $5.00 (for one or both classes)
Beginner class Monday 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Intermediate class Monday 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Open practice dance
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Price: $5.00

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