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Today is

Come Back My Love      Video     Print Step Sheet

Choreographer: Juliet Lam, USA (Aug 11)
Description: Count: 32 - Wall: 2 - Level: Beginner 
Music: Come Back My Love by The Overtones (CD: Good Ol’ Fashioned Love)

Intro : Approx. 34 seconds into the track. Start dancing on the word “Come”

   17th Crystal Boot Award – “Beginner Dance Of The Year”

Sec 1: Chasse Right, Rock Back, Recover, Chasse Left, Rock Back, Recover
1 &2 Step right to right side, step left next to right, step right to right side
3 - 4 Rock back on left, recover on right
5 &6 Step left to left side, step right next to left, step left to left side
7 - 8 Rock back on right, recover on left

Sec 2: Right Toe Strut, Left Toe Strut, Rocking Chair
1 - 2 Touch right toe forward, drop right heel down
3 - 4 Touch left toe forward, drop left heel down
5 - 8 Rock forward on right, recover on left, rock back on right, recover on left

       *Restart from here during Wall 7, restart facing 12:00

Sec 3: Step, Paddle 1/4 Left x 2, Jazz Box
1 - 2 Step right forward, paddle ¼ turn left (9:00)
3 - 4 Step right forward, paddle ¼ turn left (6:00)
5 - 8 Cross right over left, step left back, step right to right, step left next to right

Sec 4: Out, Out, Clap, In, In, Clap, Twist Heels
&1- 2 Jump out forward right, jump out forward left, clap hands
&3- 4 Jump back right, jump back left, clap hands
5 - 8 Twist both heels right, left, right, center. (Weight on left)

*Restart: During Wall 7, dance up to count 16, begin again facing 12:00

Split floor: With “Chicken Walk Jive” by Pat Stott

Repeat & Enjoy

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