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Today is

Catch My Breath       Video     Print Step Sheet

Count: 32   Wall: 2   Level: Newcomer
Choreographer:   Roy Hoeben.  royhoeben@hotmail.com
Music: Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson (CD: Greatest Hits Chapter One),
lntro:  32 counts (approx. 15 seconds into the track)- start with vocals
IMPORTANT: Begin dance facing 9:00 wall
¼  Turn, Cross shuffle, Full turn, Cross shuffle
1-2   R step forward, turn ¼ left transferring weight L
3&4   R cross over L, L step side !eft, R cross over L
5-6   L 1/4 turn right stepping back, R 1/4 turn right stepping side
7&8   L cross over R, R step side right, L cross over R
Ronde, Touch, Cross, Monterey turn
1-2   R ronde (sweep) back to front. R cross over L
3-4   Left touch side left: L Cross over R
5-6   R touch side right, turn 1/2 right stepping R next to L
7-S   L touch side left, L step next to R ,.
Walk, Walk 3/4 Turn, Slide Rock & side
1-2   R step forward , L step forward
3-4   R step forward, turn ½ left transferring weight L
5-6   Turn 1/41eft taking R big step side right L drag toward R
7&8   L rock behind R, R recover, L step side left
Sailor step, Hip Bump, Hip Bump, Rock & Stop
1 &2  R. cross behind L. L step side left, R step forward
3-4   L touch forward with left hip bump, turn 1/4 right taking weight L •
5-6   Turn 1/4 right touching R forward with right hip bump, take weight R .
7&8   L rock forward, R recover , L step next to R

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